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Bringing your business into everyone's sight and keeping it there continually, can be a daunting challenge. To grow and to be seen growing in the midst of a thriving metropolis as ours, is a mega task in itself. However, with the services of Jay Masih Creations, rest assured that your business grabs the attention, always! Jay Masih Creations will ensure that the best efforts are put in, to keep your brand name and logo being retained in the eyes and minds of the viewers. We, in Jay Masih Creations understand the importance of how much is it necessary for your business to grab the attention and to do so, we offer several outstanding business solutions!


What We Do for Clients


We provide total solutions to all kinds of online and offline advertising services. We have the needed expertise to understand your needs better. Our experts dedicate themselves to grow your brand value substantially.


Your logo is the silent ambassador of your brand.
Any brand is associated with its brand image, to which we put our maximum expertise and to do so we leave no stone unturned.

Business Card

Through our ingenious cards, we make sure you are just one touch away from your business clientele.
The card reserves your place in the minds and desks of your prospective clients.

Brochure Catalogue

An innovative brochure puts your business offers to your clients in a most telling manner.
Realising this, we play our role in creating artistically fabulous creations, which you will surely benefit from. We offer a wide variety of paper stock.

Magazine Cover

The magazine cover is supposedly the Haiku of the story...hence, it becomes vital to create the first impression, a lasting impression.
We offer our best expertise here, a credible and visually appealing challenge will it be!

Packing Design

The packing is your mobile advertising, brand declaration while your product Is in motion!
The appeal of an excellent packing design though it is in the end of a business cycle, is one of the most vital part of branding too.

Concept Art

We, at Jay Masih Creations, produce visual artworks, converting your ideas to realistically creative expressions to be used in media such as comics, movies, video games and various forms of entertainment. We pump life into your imaginations, using our skills of art design, creating concepts to the best interests of your business.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a powerful tool to promote your brand and reach your audience. Our outdoor advertising solutions make a lasting impression including Signage, Light Box, 3D advertising made of steel, Aluminum, Acrylic, Neon or Wooden materials.


Photography has nothing to do with cameras but everything beyond.
It's your brand story expressed in visuals and not in words. And here, we stand with you in your business journey.
Product Photography, Event Photography, Images for website.


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Stand Out from the Crowd with Jay Masih Creations

We are a talented team of creative designers, who strive relentlessly in the pursuit of perfection. While attempting to become one of the top design firms, Jay Masih Creations is persistently striving towards excellence to meet our clients' every need through eloquent communication. We are available by phone, e-mail, and in person. Give us an opportunity to cater to your needs.

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We associate ourselves with your commercial success. To do so, we ensure our power designs to create a strong brand identity for you. Our designs are modern, innovative that can draw the attention of the crowd. We help with the power of our designing skills to create a strong brand identity. We aim constantly to take a result-driven approach, keeping your brand objectives in mind.

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